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In the meantime, there will be struggle. As consciousness on the planet rises, the dawning realization of our interrelationships will bring greater unity and harmony. Ultimately, borders and walls will come down as humanity recognizes its common divine origins. The blending of cultures in Italy that I described above is part of a global melting pot phenomenon. Even though some governments appear to be resisting, peace and harmony are still possible. Universal forces are ultimately more powerful than man-made laws.

For those who desire a life that is enduringly significant, in the ultimate sense, you will find your greatest satisfaction and comfort through spiritual practices and study under the influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius until December 2, , selfless service supported by Neptune in Pisces until , and introspection with self-purification encouraged by the intensity of the line-up of 5 planets in Virgo during the Summer of The late summer convergence of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the earth sign of Virgo will promote tangible change due to the presence of 3 additional major planetary influences in the hard-working and determined earthbound signs of Capricorn and Taurus.

Disciplined Saturn will be in earthy Capricorn until late And transformative Pluto will be in Capricorn until Innovative Uranus will be in the creative earth sign of Taurus until Earth signs focus on material accomplishments and deal with the details of life. Therefore, with 8 of the 10 known celestial bodies in earth signs during the month of September , it will be a busy month! Under the earthy influences, you will be moved to bring to fruition ideas that you have long held in your mind. A further confluence of multiple personal agendas across the globe will engender an even greater push-pull as each individual jockeys for position until all realize everything will work better if everyone works harmoniously together.

The Harmonic Convergence will also lend an air of intensity to your experiences, as there will be no planets in air signs, which typically lend perspective to the dramas of life. While the 9-month-long Jupiter-Neptune alignment from January to September will infinitely support spiritual evolution and higher consciousness, these idealistic energies could equally lead to disillusionment, fantasies, and delusions for those who do not channel the abundant spiritual energy to a higher purpose. These are all means of transcending mundane reality, created by artificial substances or by decisions made about the psyche's condition at the level of the soul.

The Jupiter-Neptune square alignment of will make it imperative to transcend mundane existence one way or the other. So, rather than use this time to deny reality, use the prevailing energy to embrace reality as it is. Then, marry your perceptions with a higher spiritual reality and the reality of your soul. As a result of your acceptance of current conditions, which are eventually leading to a higher spiritual consciousness despite the resistance of some, you will be able to face everyday events with equanimity and poise.

Under the Jupiter-Neptune alignment, set an intention for the direction you would like to go every day and continually check to make sure your perceptions are accurate and clear. Try to carefully discern the information that you are receiving. Under Jupiter and Neptune, accurate and crystal clear depictions of reality are possible, but so too are distortions and falsities easily propagated.

Try to consider the source of all information you read or hear, tune in to your Higher Self, and proceed with your intuitive wisdom. Stay aligned with Truth through prayer, meditation, and some solitude so as not to be swept up in pervasive currents or untruths that may be flooding the populace or the internet. The greatest success under Jupiter in Sagittarius in will come when you are boldly honest with yourself, confront any disharmony within yourself, and give it to your Higher Self or Spirit to heal.

There is much potential for regeneration and repair under the convergence of Jupiter and Neptune. But the energies must be consciously channeled to a higher level. Otherwise, the natural gravitational forces of Earth will pull your thoughts and activities down. When Jupiter and Neptune come together, you can expand upward like a helium balloon.

Monthly Horoscope: Libra, August 12222

If the expansion is too great or unrealistic, however, air will either leak out or burst the balloon. On a practical level, this happens when fragile or even grandiose ideas collide with sharp reality. Project your thoughts and ideas consciously in the direction you would like to go. And try to remain happy, and stay above any perceived inharmony in the world around you. To fortify yourself, practice the "3 P's for Positive Results in ":.

The following are key dates when major planetary shifts occur. Try to focus your positive thoughts on the direction you would like to go toward the light and truth during these key periods! It will be visible in East Asia and Southern Alaska. Experience an intuitive connections with others. Take in new ideas, but beware of deception! Emotions run high under this influence. Uranus in Taurus disrupts financial systems and causes fluctuating values of material goods, precious metals, gems, and real estate.

With 2 Full Moons in Libra, sign of peace and harmony, there will be greater opportunity for balance, justice, and equality. Experience intuitive connections with others. This eclipse will be visible in South America. The intense earth energy will engender a strong need to convert ideas held in the mind into physical form. The ideas will be innovative, and will have been brewing for a long time in many cases.

There will be a mixture of good and not-so-good results. March 21 — April The first few months of will give you an opportunity to make last-minute adjustments to the direction of your life under the innovative energy Uranus in Aries until March 6, With Uranus in Taurus after that, your focus will shift toward innovative ways of creating financial abundance.

Think about what you'd like to create, especially with your hands. Then, begin to take steps to implement your dreams. You will receive positive support from fortunate Jupiter in the compatible sign of Sagittarius throughout the year. When Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, , you will focus more on your serious, determined side.

In the meantime, this is an opportune time to make progress in your career with the disciplined energy of Saturn in Capricorn until the spring of Pluto in Capricorn until also will give you the fortitude to take the necessary steps. Mars in Aries from January 1 to February 14, will help you get the new year off to a good start. The Sun in Aries from March 20 to April 20 will further support your forward progress. Communicative Mercury in Aries from April 17 to May 6, will help you get your message out. And loving Venus in Aries from April 20 to May 15, could spell romance.

April 20 — May You are poised to make a significant change to your life under the influence of innovative Uranus in Taurus from March 6, to April 26, !

Daily Overview for Libra -

Think about the direction you would like to go, and take positive steps with the support of energetic Mars in Taurus from February 14 to March 31, You also will feel positive support from the Sun in Taurus from April 20 to May 21, Communicative Mercury in Taurus from May 6 to 21, will help you clearly articulate your views. A host of planetary energies in compatible earth signs throughout will support your forward progress. In addition to Uranus in Taurus, disciplined Saturn and determined Pluto will be in the compatible earth signs of Capricorn throughout the year.

And in late August and early September, there will be a line-up of planets in Virgo, another compatible earth sign. This group of planetary transits in Virgo will continue until mid-September, making it an auspicious time to solidify your plans from the past. A series of eclipses in January and July will also help you discover new avenues for your creativity!

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May 21 — June You will encounter many interesting people who will bring you good fortune under the influence of lucky Jupiter in your opposing sign of Sagittarius until December 2, ! This is a year for you to experience serendipity and trust in the higher wisdom of the universe.

The Chinese New Year of the Pig, even though it may not sound the most savory, is a year that portends good luck, learning and travel. This will be especially strong year for those like yourself affected by the lucky energy of Jupiter in Sagittarius. With intuitive Neptune in Pisces this year, you will experience an innate understanding of other people born under the sign of Gemini, and also Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo this year! Key dates for connecting with others occur under the alignments of Jupiter and Neptune on January 9, June 16, and September 21, Innovative Uranus in Taurus beginning on March 6, will help you access a latent talent.

Eclipses in January and July will help you connect with people who enhance your financial picture and lead you to resources that will benefit you during the coming year. Mercury retrogrades 3 times for 3 weeks in These are times to rest, review, and renew: March 5 - 28; July 7 - August 1; and October 31 - November 20, All but one of these eclipses on January 21 occur in the sign of Cancer, or in your opposing sign of Capricorn, due to the position of the nodes of the moon on the Cancer-Capricorn axis from November 6, to May 5, When the moon's nodal axis passes through your sign, as it does once every 18 years, it energizes your relationship destiny, meaning you will more easily meet the people you are destined to meet.

Your soul's destiny will increasingly manifest itself throughout this year. So, please do not lament if things do not unfold according to what you planned or what you "think" is supposed to happen.

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Your life is unfolding according to a much higher rhythm and calling this year! All events are destined to occur from the level of your soul. And not only are they meant to be, but they meant to be for your highest good. Try to see the positive in all of your life's events, especially in January, July, and December! Saturn and Pluto in your opposing sign of Capricorn in will also help you refine aspects of your life that have not been in sync with your highest good! Your creativity will be at a peak in with the passage of adventurous Jupiter in the compatible fire sign of Sagittarius until December 2, !

All creative changes will stimulate a deeper part of yourself to manifest so you will see the infinite resources you possess within yourself. You also may travel to new places, meet new people, or even consider a new career or approach to your daily life under the influence of innovative Uranus through the artistic sign of Taurus, beginning on March 6, This celestial transit will challenge you to do things in a new way.

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A full moon total lunar eclipse on January 21, will also draw interesting people to you. Be ready to provide the attention and care these people need for greatest peace and harmony. The benefits you give to others will return to you at a future time. The only stumbling block you may face in will have to do with organization of the details of your daily life. Make sure to re-evaluate systems you have in place to regulate your daily habits under the influence of disciplined Saturn in Capricorn until December 17, This includes your dietary regimen, your relationship with electronic devices, the clarity of your communications, accumulation and storage of your possessions, and your attention to the orderliness of your home and office environments.

If you are unable to streamline your personal systems earlier in the year, the passage of Jupiter through Capricorn from December 2, to December 19, will help you organize your daily affairs. Mars in Leo from July 1 to August 18, will energize your efforts to connect with helpful people.

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Communicative Mercury in Leo from June 27 to July 19, , and August 11 to 29, will also help you see your priorities with greater clarity. Mercury retrograde in Leo from July 7 to 19, will be a time of self-analysis and re-evaluation. Use this time wisely prior to your upcoming birthday!

A new moon in Virgo on August 30, coincides with a rare line-up of 5 celestial bodies in the Sign of the Virgin.

Ganesha Libra

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Today's Reading Choose your cards. Get a Live Tarot Reading. Angel Cards, Angel Avoid getting carried away with your progress on September 12 when fiery Mars squares favorable Jupiter. Are you looking to find the right words to tell someone how you fee l? September 14 at a. Allow yourself to accept failure and take your disappointments in stride this day when irritable Mars opposes Neptune. Take time to yourself for quiet reflection, instead of seeking out the validation of others when these two planets work against each other.

Saturn, the planet of rules and regulations goes direct on September Nurture your aspirations on September 19, when bold Mars trines cathartic Pluto. This is a day to explore your secret self and test your grit. All is not as it seems on September 21, when Jupiter squares imaginative Neptune. Be wary of anyone who attempts to promise you the world while these two planets are at odds — this energy holds more style than substance. The Sun brightens the diplomatic sign of Libra on September 23, boosting our ability to read social cues and need for fairness.

A positive New Moon Libra greets us on September 28 at p.