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Top Traits: Mutable fire sign Sagittarius is entertaining, outspoken, and born to be a globetrotter. They'll do well to learn the art of diplomacy.

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Top Traits: The cardinal earth sign is practical, driven to succeed, and disciplined. Being given permission to take time-outs for fun serves them well. Top Traits: Fixed water sign Aquarius is independent, makes friends easily, loves learning, and has a quirky, offbeat sense of humor. They often take on the weight of other people's emotions. They will do well to learn coping skills like mindfulness or meditation early on. By Maressa Brown. While it's true that you're enjoying stronger pushes towards independence this year, you're inclined to seek out others for opinions, feedback, and decisions this month, and it's a useful process at this time.

You might also attract helpful, conversational, and interesting people into your life. This is not about having others make decisions for you, but rather for benefiting from collaboration and learning about your ideas through stimulating conversations and feedback.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

You're in particularly good shape for public relations, connecting with a counselor or lawyer, and meeting with clients. October is an excellent time to take on challenging projects that you may have been putting off for lack of energy or time. Positively, you have more initiative and enthusiasm for work projects, and you can apply yourself with more vigor.

You might also step up or begin a health and fitness program. You are highly intuitive, and your powers of attraction are high this month.

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You may be arriving at a place of understanding about recent events, and especially surrounding your relationships. Even with some ups and downs, you are companionable, and others tend to be on your side in October. There is divine energy with you for brainstorming or connecting with someone through the mind.

Taurus Horoscope | Jessica Adams | Astrology

There can be illuminating conversations with or about a partner. You're open to facing matters and dealing with them. If you skim the surface of problems, you'll pass by on the opportunities for discovery and growth. You're discovering or redefining some of your ideas through another person or a partner. Even so, you seem to know when it's best to let things go and simply enjoy one another.

Taurus October 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

Good news or word on health may arrive, and focusing on activities that help advance your practical goals, such as a resume or a project, can be particularly useful and fruitful. Intimate relationships can open up, and you might come to a pleasing agreement with someone you work or spend your days with. Taking a new and open approach to life is the key now. More: Monthly Horoscopes — Details. Uranus moves into your sign more consistently from March forward last year you had a sneak peek of this energy , and Jupiter spends much of the year boosting your intimate world.

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The potential for growth and improvement is tremendous. Jupiter in your solar eighth house until December is powerful for your intimate life. Love is rich and deep in There may be unexpected events that free you from confining situations or past conditioning patterns. You are more inspired now, and your personality bubbles with bursts of enthusiasm.

There can be a significant break from the past that propels your life forward. Uranus transits can be times when there is a significant new influence, person, or path in your life that rather dramatically deviates from your version of normal. Those born from April are most affected by this transit in , while this energy is stirring for the rest of the sign. Your mental outlook, belief systems, studies, and personal interests continue to be in strong focus this year. The general tide of events is flowing in your favour, yet I would strongly advise you to consider the ethical, moral or legal dimension of all current plans and ambitions, no matter how trivial.

And no matter how unimportant they seem in the short-term. You may already sense the excitement that emanates from your current planetary alignments. All your emotional, intellectual and biological cycles are reaching a turning point so you may be under a certain amount of strain. The key is to seize every opportunity to relax rather than pushing yourself to the limit.