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But which one should i choose? Besides, can anyone adopt 5 23,41, 50 as name number? I am a life path 9 July 23, Could that be just be the 1st name? Also, I was born in the 7th month of the 77th year on the 7th day of the week; the 23rd day of the month at p. Is this special in any way? Please let me know my name number and whether it is good?

Also kindly advice if any changes has to be made for betterment? Is my life goin to be full of turmoil. My full name number is First is 16, middle 25 and laste name is What to do? Whatever you have mentioned completely fits my persona! I have been categorized as a fighter, mostly in the negative sense. MY DoB is 9 Dec Do you have any suggestions per name for me?

Suggest me a name change. Which name numbers suits me? Of the following, which suits me well? My first name is number 11 my middle name is 7 my last name is 1 my life path number is 5. I want to change my last name and maybe the spelling of my first name i was wondering if you know what my name number should be for things to always go smothly and o attract luck.

Dear Sir, My complements! Your writing and the info you share here is awesome and much appreciated! Many Blessings! I was born in Lisbon Portugal at around 9pm! Your numbers are very good, You are a profound spiritual person, a humanitarian, and a doer of good. A Samaritan too! Your spiritual journey will take you to places, In your simplicity lies beauty. My intuition says your Aura is good.

My son was born on What is the name number should I go for? Please advise us. Dev, Business Numerology Advice as a paid service, since it involves considerable time. I got married on April and registered it on April Even though both the dates are 1 and 7 combination,I was told that dates matters a lot. Also after marriage i have seeing a huge loss in my business, not sure whether it is beocz of my marriage date or becoz of my bad moves. Hi, I have been following your writing for quiet some time.

I am a number 9 person and some of my friends are also number 9. After reading your write up regarding number 9 it seems that number 9 people do not have anything good! I disagree because I know lot of number 9 both as life path no or as birth number and they are really doing good in life and are not at all calculative nor even chain smokers or drinkers. Infact I can give lot of examples where I have friends of numerology 6 where they are promiscuous, drunkards and loves to party always and are very calculative and even selfish…so what do you have to say about this?

But I still can find the posts here. Kindly remove them. I was born on the I am curious — what number should we use when determining characterisitics? Should it be birth number or life path number. What takes precedence? For example my daughter was both on 9th, but has life path 8. Plz advice me on which is the best name for me of all of them..

The mesaraonye is my surname. Thanks in advance for your kind clarification!!! You are ruled by number and Jupiter. You are ambitious, dignified, independent and kind hearted. You enjoy a good position and respect at your workplace, but you need to check your tendency to behave spendthrift and dominating at times. You can not think small and like to make big plans, however, you are bad in execution.

You are a good host, good and loyal friend. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Number 81 in Numerology. Numerology of Joseph Stalin. Magic Number Number 29 — The Power of Body and Mind. Numerology Number Thank You for your excellend explanation. Sir, Sir I changed my name ———Alamghir Baksse ——-and my date of birth is The numbers are harmonious and very good.

No need to worry at all. Hi, I buy a numerology book in this a chart of alphabet value. In below chart in my book. Please help. Life path as 7 is a gifted one, where one can be in their True Self without any pretentiveness. Sir, my fate number is Please kindly help me sir. Sir, My original name is this. But i changed into 37 after consulting a numerologist.

In fact, i could see the difference also. Rajkumar, Shubhra Saxena Please do kindly guide me regarding this. What name should i change to be more lucky,successful Thanks a lot for the good work Vijay. Sir, Which one should i choose? Yes its the first name alone that comes Its better not to include ur last name.

Hello, Whatever you have mentioned completely fits my persona! Is 36 a divine number? What does it mean as a life patch number? Any info you could provide, would be tremendous!! Grace, Your numbers are very good, You are a profound spiritual person, a humanitarian, and a doer of good. Dear Sir, My son was born on Rdgds, Geetha. Hello Sir, I got married on April and registered it on April Please share your opinion. My DOB is For change of name, please suggest what name number I should choose.. Dear Astronlogia I was born on the Heartly Thanks….. Pls carry on…..

Your advice is highly appreciated and many thanks in advance..!! I was born June 21st , what would that tell you about my numerology and personality? Blessings, Astronlogia. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Most Popular. What is the Evil Eye? Evil Eye is an envious look directed at a person that can result in misfortune, disease or severe injuries.

The Importance of Numerology in Marriage Marriage is an important event in ones life. It can also be said as the transition stage of a Lucky colors according to Numerology The Seven days in a week are ruled by seven planets, which is further compounded to seven numbers in numerology Tips for Conception with Numerology Are you looking to know when you will get pregnant according to your birth date? Keep reading below and we Many of our readers have asked for lucky colors and unlucky colors for people born on various birth dates.

In this post, we will Numerology — Number 8 January 5, The Significance of Numerology Number 8 "I pray to our benevolent god that persons born on this number should be blessed with lucky and fortune" The discovery of numerology happened only Murali B. Rajagopal B. Rajeevan B. Warriar B. Warriar eng B. Sandhya B. Saraswati B. Unni Krishnan Ba. Nair Baburaj Kalambooru Baburaj P. B Bijoy Chandran Biju C.

Ambika Varma C.

G Jaypal C. Kaliyampuzha C. Narayanan C. P Bhishikar C. Rairu Nair C. Soman C. Venugopal C. A Ranjith C. Varghese C. Anoop C. Asharaf C. Ayyappan C. Sudhakaran C. Chandramathi C. Damodara Menon C. Doloras Kannampuzha C. Warrier C. Santhakumar C. Sukumaran Nair C. Ganesh C. Muhammed Koya C. Kunjappa C. Kunjikrishna Kuruppu C. Haneefa Muhammed C. George C.

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Thomas C. Karunakaran C. Sasi C. Sivasankara Panicker C. Keshavan C. Jos C. Jose C. Namboothirippad C. Menon C. Chandera C. Madhavan Pillai C. N sreekandan nair C. Parameswaran C. Sreekandan Nair C. Ummer C. Chandran C. Krishnakumar C. Nair C. Rajendran C. Rajasekharan C. Ramachandran C. Sreedharan C. Valsan C. Vasantha Kumari c. Prasad C. Das C. Keshavan Vaidyar C. Mohanan Nair C. Neelakandan C. Omanakuttan C. Rajagoplan C. Rajan C. Sankara Menon C. Radhakrishnan C. Raghavan C. Rahim C. S Venkiteswaran C. Biju C. Chandrika C. Jayaram C. Sreekumar C. William C.

Unnikrishnapillai C. Ananda Bose C. Raman C. Balakrishnan C. Kunjiraman C. Kunjuraman C. Nirmala C. Pappachan C. Raman Pillai C. Sreeraman C. Sudheendran C. Vasudeva Bhattathiri C. Vasudevan Cap. Santhosh D. Kuruppu D. Babu Paul D. Kosambi Mal D. Lawrence D. Sreeman Nambuthiri D. Thankappan nair D. Vijaya Mohan D. Sreedhara Bhaskara Varnekar Dr.

A Padmanabhakurup Dr. A Rajagopal Kammath Dr. Bijukumar Dr. Unnikrishnan Dr. Menon Dr. Ajith Kumar, Dr. Anil, Dr. Jayamohan, Dr. Aju Narayanan Dr. Akshay Bathra Dr. Alishariati Dr. Annamma Thomas Dr. Anniyil Tharakan Dr. Arathizen Dr. Arsu Dr. Azeez Tharuvana Dr. B Ashok Dr. Padmakumar Dr. Shyamala Dr. Babu Sebastain Dr. Biju Dr. Brian L. Weiss Dr. C Bhamini Dr. C K Anilkumar Dr. Ibrahimkutty Dr. Murali Manohar Dr. John Dr. Anilkumar Dr. Chandraseghara Kampar Dr. Cheriyan Kuniyanthodathu Dr.

David J Schwartz Dr. Devadas Menon Dr. Dominic J. Kattoor DR. Elias Jimmi Chathuruthi Dr. Ezhumattoor Raja Rajavarma Dr. Francis Alappat Dr. Ajith Kumar Dr. Vijayaraghavan Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios Dr. George Marangoly Dr. George Varghese Dr. George Varghese Koppara Dr. Gopinath Panangadu Dr. Gowthaman Dr. Harikrishnan Dr. Veettoor Dr. Jaya Sukumaran Dr. Jemes T Antoney Dr. Jimmi Mathew Dr. John F Dimartini Dr. John Pavvathil Dr. John Powathil Dr. Joseph Marphy Dr. K S Mohanan Dr. K S Radhakrishnan Dr. K V Thomas DR. K Vidhyasagar Dr. Maheswaran Nair Dr. Neena Kumar Dr.

Raghavanpilli Dr. Jaleel Dr. V Thomas Dr. Naseem Dr. Malathi Dr. Kanam Sankarappilla Dr. Kaviyoor Madhusoodhanan G. Koomully Sivaraman Dr. KS Prakash Dr. M Krishnan Nair dR. M Krishnannamboodiri Dr. Krishnan Nair Dr. Karim Dr. D Manoj Dr. Preetha Dr. M Abraham Dr. Mammi Dr. Madhuravally Thampy Dr. Madhuvasudevan Dr. Mariya Lissa Mathew Dr. Mathew illathuparambil Dr. Mathews Glory Dr. Mini Nair Dr. Moly Kuruvila DR. Munjinadu Pathmakumar Dr. N Rathnakumari Dr. G Murali Dr. Unithiri Dr. Muhammed Ali Dr.

Vijayakrishnan Dr. Naduvattom Gopalakrishnan DR. Narendra Kohli Dr. Narendra Kohly Dr. Ninan Koshy Dr. Niramala Sudhakaran Dr. P T Abraham Dr. P V Ouseph Dr. P Venugopal Dr. Nair Dr. Saraswathi Dr. Soman Dr. Ubaid Dr. Venugopalan Dr. Salim I. Balagopal Dr. Narayanan Dr. Pokker Dr. Sukumaran Dr. Ouseph Dr. Palppu Dr.

Pradeep Sreedhar Dr. Pradeepan Pampirikunnu Dr. Puthuseri Ramachandran Dr. Ajayakumar Varma Dr. Jayaprakash Dr. Bhadran Dr. Sharma Dr. Suneja Dr. Rajan Perunna Dr. Ramachandra Dev M. Rathi Menon Dr. Reeja V Dr.


Richard Seril Dr. Robert Mathew Dr. Robin Cook Eng Dr. Rosy Thampy Dr. S B Panikkar Dr. S R Chandramohan Dr. Balaraman Dr. Ramesh Dr. Radhakrishnan Dr. Thankamaniyamma Dr. Salam Omassery Dr. Santhosh T Brithavan Dr. Sasidaran Clari Dr. Sethumadhavan Koyithatta Dr. Shamsullah Qadiri Dr. Sharada Rajeev Dr. Sherli Vasu Dr. Shornoor Karthikeyan Dr.

Sister Merykunju Pallikkapparambil Dr. Sreevrinda Nair N. Githesh Dr. T N Vasudevakkaimal Dr. K Ramachandran Dr. Santhosh Kumar Dr. Gopinadha Pillai Dr. Gopinatha Pillai Dr. Jayakumari Dr. Raghavan Dr. Thevannoor Maniraj Dr. Umasangari Thankachi S Dr. Umer Tharamel Dr. Usha Balakrishnan Dr. V Shobha Dr.

Paniker Dr. Rajeev Dr. Venu Thonnakkal Dr. Venugopal Thonnakkal Dr. Wilhelm Stekel Dr. Rajan Dr. Z M Muzhur Dr. A M Sreedharan Dr. Basheerkutty Dr. Aravindakshan Dr. Hafeel Dr. Naboothiri Dr. P Ummerkutty Dr. Nujoom Dr. Jayaraman Dr. Ramachandradev Dr. Reddy Dr. George Dr. Abraham Karikkam Dr. Ajith Javed Dr. Akavoor Narayanan Dr. Albert Nambyaparambil Dr. Alice George Eng Dr. Amith Garg Dr. Ang Swee Chai Dr. Anil Vallathol Dr. Annama Thomas Dr. Arjunan Vellayani Dr. Asma al kathbi Dr. Devasya Dr. Attukal Radhakrishnan Dr. Asok Dr. Umadathan Dr. Balakrishnan Dr. Iqbal Dr.

Babu Mundekkadu Dr. Varghese Dr. Roy Dr. Chandra Sekharan Nair Dr. Chandrasekharan Nair Dr. Chandrashekharan Nair Dr. Ramachandran Dr. L Garg Dr. Agnivesh Dr. Rajagopalan Eng Dr. Susheela Devi Dr. Rajendran Dr. Sujith Dr. Chandrika Sankaranarayanan Dr. Cheravalli Sasi Dr. Cheriyan Kuniyanthodath Dr. Benchamin Dr. Kayalath Dr. Maya Dr. Deepthi Omcheri Bhalla Dr. Desmond Morris Dr. Devi Renasamy Dr. Dharmaraj Adattu Dr. Sardar Kutty Dr. Sardarkutty Dr. Namboothiri Dr.

Eliyamma Joseph Dr. Ezhumattur Rajaraja Varma Dr. Balasubrahmanyan Dr. George Irumbayam Dr. George Onakkur Dr. George Thayyil Dr. Gopalakrishna karanavar Dr. D Sangaliya Dr. Hameed Khan Dr. Antony Dr. Jayakumari Padmajan Dr. Jayanth Narlikkar Dr. Johny Chittettukulam Dr. Jolly Zakkaria Dr. Jos Chathukkulam Dr. Jose K. Manual Dr. Joseph E. Thomas Dr. Sasidharan Dr. Devasya Vazhuthanappilli Dr. Koshi Dr. Augstine Joseph Dr. Babu Joseph Dr. Ajayakumar Dr. Sindhu Dr. Paulose Dr. Poulose Dr. Godavarma Dr. Gopinadhan Dr. Usman Eng Dr. Krishnan Dr.

Tharakan Dr. Venugopal Dr. Madhavan Kutty Dr. Muralidharn Pillai Dr. Raj Dr. Jayakumar Dr. Rajasekharan Nair Dr. Ramachandran nair Dr. Devid Dr. Prakash Dr. Sreekumar Dr. Sreenivasan Dr. Suguthan Dr. Velayudhan Nair Dr. Kamal Purushothaman Dr. Kottukkal Sreedhar Dr. KS Pillai Dr. Kumaran Vayaleri Dr. Kurian John Melamparambil Dr. Kuryas Kumbalakkuzhi Dr. Prema Dr. Thomaskutty Dr. Laisa Salim Dr. Leela Omcheri Dr. A Ittiyachan Dr. Sasibhooshan Dr. Gangadharan Dr. Jamaludhin Kunju Dr. Leela Kumari Dr. Leelavathi Dr. Basheer Dr. Mullakkoya Dr. R Nair Dr. Sashidharan Dr. Mathai Dr.

Valiathan Dr. Sulekha Dr. Paili Dr. Vishnu Namboothiri Dr. Vishnunaboothiri Dr. Mary N. Mathew Emmanuel Dr. Mathew Erthayil Dr. Moncy V. Muraleekrishna Dr. Murali Krishna Dr. Babu Dr. Joseph Dr.

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Muhammedali Dr. Sam Dr. Sathi Dr. Unnithiri Dr. Nanda Kumar Moorkkath Dr. Narendra Kohli Mal Dr. Omana Gangadharan Dr. P A Vahid Dr. P G Balagopal Dr. P K Sukumaran Dr. Raveendran Dr. Chand Dr. Alexander Dr. Chandran Dr. Abdul Razacq Sullami Dr. Warrier eng Dr. Thilak Dr. Gireesh Dr. Mathew Vellore Dr.


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Santhamma Mathew Dr. Satheesh Chandran Dr. Scariya Sakkariya Dr. Seelia Thomas Perumpanani Dr. Selin Mathew Dr. Shafi abdulla zuhoori Dr. Shibu Simon Dr. Shornur Karthikeyan Dr. Sister Ancy. Spencer Johnson Dr. Nair Eng Dr. Suvarna Nalappattu Dr. Suvarnna Nalappattu Dr. Bhaskaran Dr. Thomas Isaac Dr. Panicker Dr. Bhattathirippad Dr.

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