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It's also interesting to note that this house is the ruler of pets and small animals, perhaps because of the role they play in both our health and our daily responsibilities. What it represents: As this house falls opposite to your first house of self, so does what it governs. This house is all about relationships and partnerships of all sorts, which includes marriage as well as business partnerships anything with a contract between multiple parties, basically! Conversely, it rules over negative relationships too, like competitors, enemies, divorces, or lawsuits.

As you may have noticed, legal issues are a theme here Libra is the sign of justice, after all , so look out for your planetary placements in this house as potential indicators to be wary of binding contracts. Overall though, this house covers one-on-one relationships on the whole, so planets here may also simply indicate ways in which you relate to other people and function within a community.

What it represents: The eighth house has a reputation for being rather mysterious, wide-ranging, and hard to define — and given that Scorpio is at the helm, it's also stereotyped as being on the darker side. But to sum it up, this mystical house is about transformation. It's a about endings, yes, but also the subsequent new beginnings that they inevitably bring — a natural sort of transfer or exchange of energy.

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That probably explains why seemingly random things like taxes are included here alongside things like sex. This house is about personal growth and the sacrifices we must make and crises we must face to facilitate it. What it represents: This house is highly philosophical, as it pertains to our core belief systems, higher learning, religion, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Remember how the third house pertains to lower thought? This house, its opposite, rules higher and more complex thought. In true Sagittarius form, it also rules over our sense of adventure, which includes travels, long journeys literal and spiritual , and foreign cultures or languages. The ninth house is about "living out a dream that is bigger than just you," wrote Spirit Articles on its site. What it represents: The cusp of your 10th house is located at the tippy-top of your chart, and is also known as your "midheaven.

This house governs your public image, reputation, career, social status, and even fame. It also represents authority — which can translate to representing a "father figure" or paternal influence in your life. Look to your placements in this house for insight on your career path, and watch out for anything that indicates a tendency to see yourself too much through the eyes of other people and become preoccupied with your reputation.

What it represents: Unlike the house of partnerships, which focuses more on contractual or one-to-one relations, this house focuses more on community, memberships, organized groups, and working together. The eleventh house is the ruler of friendship, teamwork, networking, and additionally, social justice — and a very Aquarian desire to shake up the norm. It also represents our collective or lifelong goals and aspirations for the betterment of humanity, and what we do to make those fantasies a reality.

Much of the way one's 11th house manifests is apparently determined by the career-oriented energies of the 10th house. What it represents: Oooh, the mystical and mysterious 12th house. This may leave you feeling profoundly discouraged, even scared, having trouble finding motivation to get up and take action to slay the monster. These transits may coincide with a test of your natural talents, faith and confidence.

Under the hard aspects, you may be entrusted with a high-stakes responsibility that you feel is just beyond your abilities to properly handle. Under the soft aspects this may result in being able to take concrete steps to make dreams into realities. Under the soft aspects, these confrontations will be more indirect, just a particularly dark part of the cycle preparing you for your next hard aspects from Saturn. If this is your Saturn return, this passage into maturity will be brutal for your generation. It will be the clash of the radical architect dreamers and the stone tyrants. The children born in late early will be implacable survivors.

Under the soft aspects there may be novel ways to take advantage of the situation, unpleasant as it may be. This is especially true of the harder aspects, but under the soft aspects these tragedies are witnessed indirectly and from afar. Under the harder aspects there is a resistance to passing on from or accepting the new role, under the softer aspects this process is more organic and natural.

C How are Saturn and Pluto configured in your natal chart?

Moon In 8th House For Libra Ascendant

What roles does Saturn fill in your chart? If you have Saturn in the same sign as your Ascendant, then Saturn is a very personal to you, in your cautious outlook, your fear response, your preference for caution and deliberation. If you have a lot of placements in Capricorn or Aquarius, Saturn fuels a lot of what you deal with in different areas. Pluto does not rule any signs, but if you have it in a close aspect with your Sun, Moon, angles, or Ascendant Ruler, it could be considered a more personal planet.

Bottom line: If Saturn and Pluto are not involved with these personal points, you have less to worry about because Saturn and Pluto are more tangential to the main course and point of your life. What aspects do Saturn and Pluto have with other planets in your chart?

If you have Venus and Jupiter in good or stressful aspects with either of them, it could mean your experience with these planets is easier, even if it makes conventional goods in your life harder or more complicated. If you have Mars in harmonious or stressful relationships with either of them, it could be that much more of a frustrating lifelong experience with Saturn and Pluto. If you have them in aspect with Mercury, Uranus or Neptune, it could make your experiences with Saturn and Pluto more variable, wacky, unpredictable or surreal.

And finally you need to look at the relationship between Saturn and Pluto at the time you were born. If you were born close to a major phase of Saturn and Pluto, especially the conjunction , , opposition , , waxing square , , or waning square , , then your life is likely tied in some general way to this cycle, especially if you were born with Saturn or Pluto angular, or with the Sun and Moon in hard aspects to Saturn and Pluto.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born during the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo. Not only that, but he was born when the Sun was conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Leo, so we know he interacts with this cycle in a more personal way. What role is he most known for playing? The Terminator, a killer robot from an apocalyptic future where machines have conquered humanity. He got this role in , and the film was released in , coming out of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

Schwarzenegger was not the only person locking into this Saturn-Pluto event. Linda Hamilton, who plays the steely badass Sarah Connor was born under the Saturn-Pluto square in Michael Biehn who plays Reese, a freedom fighter from the future, was also born under that same Saturn-Pluto square from Could there be a more perfect description of Saturn taken to a Plutonian extreme than the Terminator?

Mars In 1st House Libra Ascendant

Back to Schwarzenegger — he was first asked to run for Governor in — in the midst of the next Saturn-Pluto opposition. It was from this opposition that he eventually became the Governor of California, where he was also known as the Governator. It will be interesting to see what new role he comes to at this next Saturn-Pluto phase.

He and Linda Hamilton will be starring in Terminator: Dark Fate in November , potentially their last turns in their Terminator roles. Will he continue to carry on his political career in , starting the next phase? All we know is that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be a recurrence transit, and in this case, the end of an era. You would have to look at the previous conjunctions, squares and oppositions between Saturn and Pluto to determine what specific theme runs through those times.

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This might be setting the bar a little low, but one pronounced fear during the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction of was the threat of nuclear annihilation. This coincidentally followed two actual close calls with nuclear annihilation in September and November when Saturn was within a few degrees of Pluto. So the conjunction presents many of our worst fears, since Pluto empowers the Saturnian motivation of fear. Whether those fears actually come to pass is another question.

You can rest easy now! Back in ancient Mesopotamia, solar eclipses were regarded as bad omens for leaders, and still are to some degree. Because apparently all it takes to avoid a cosmically ordained destiny is a little sleight-of-hand trickery. A mistaken identities scenario fit for a disappointing local county pantomime is apparently enough to offset the very will of the gods. A little razzle-dazzle tap-dance showstopper with jazz hands will distract even the mightiest cosmic order, apparently. In any case, maybe this is dumb, but instead of letting yourself be the subject of this transit, you could intentionally choose something else to become the subject of the transit.

How does one act like Saturn? Saturn weighs, scrutinizes, criticizes, and bears down wherever it goes. Now this might be an exercise in futility. Killing a cockroach to be a stand-in for your own transits portending your own death will likely not stop you from dying, if that is your fate at that time.

But free will is an extremely convincing illusion, so illude away!

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At least this way you get to pick your poison. You could think of this in terms of the house Saturn and Pluto are passing through in your chart. Maybe this means paring down your style to be more functional, simple, ascetic, age-appropriate. Maybe this means giving up on covering up the bald spots and embracing a fully shaven head.

Moon In 10th House Business

Maybe this means giving up on coloring your hair and embracing your destiny as a silver fox or silver vixen, or a white fox or a white vixen. With Pluto in the mix however, it might be something more extreme than just a makeover, something which reflects a dramatic internal transformation as well as an external one at this time. Weigh how much value it really has to you. Make some of your money back through a yard sale, or put some things on the Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or ebay.

For extra Saturn points though, you could donate it to Goodwill or think of other people in your life who could use it, and give it away freely. With Pluto in the mix however, there is something especially traumatic or cathartic about the process of going through your old possessions. In a house associated with everything quick, mobile and fleeting, Saturn and Pluto could slow things down to a grinding halt.

Maybe this is a time when your typical mode of transportation is out of commission, or your local area is being dug up and renovated, and you have to find new ways around to get where you want to go, or a new commute becomes a long arduous bore. With Pluto in the mix, there is something especially profound or rotten about this area of your life at this time.

This can also be a time when your relationships with neighbors, siblings, cousins or close friends can become icy. Maybe this means setting down some roots to establish your home base of operations. This could mean moving back to take on the responsibility of caring for elderly or unwell family members. With Pluto in the mix, there is something especially traumatic or cathartic about this area of your life at this time. If you have no plans to move, maybe evaluate how secure your home is and consider an emergency preparedness plan.

Stock up on supplies, just in case. Maybe sacrifice the security of familial help or the comfort of having your own place far away from them, and embrace the responsibility of being part of a family. In the context of children, it could mean embracing your responsibilities to them rather than indulging them, even if they reject you. It could also mean accepting that there are limits to how much you can control them. With Pluto in the mix, there is something especially profound and transformative about this area of your life at this time.

This could be a time when you are feeling imprisoned more than usual by your daily routine, your work, maintenance and duties, weighing the worth of it all. This could also be a time of facing significant health issues, especially after a period of neglect. Instead of just letting this all happen to you, make this Saturn-Pluto transit mean the moment you turn this ship around. Embrace the grunt work, make a plan to get out of it, prioritize accomplishing your most important duties, especially those surrounding your health.

Sacrifice comfort, feel the burn. With Pluto in the mix, the stakes may be especially high in this area of your life at this time.

What is My Calling in Life?

This could perhaps be a time when you feel cloistered and trapped by a relationship, when you reach the limits of your patience and decide to establish boundaries to protect yourself. As unromantic as it is, you may have to harshly judge the worth of your relationship. If it continues, it will be stronger for having been tested. If you are currently single, relationships may arise in which there may be some utilitarian advantage for one of the parties, alongside affection and companionship.

There could also be the possibility for manipulation and coercion through unbalanced power dynamics. With Pluto in the mix, there may be something especially poisonous or profound in this area of your life at this time. You may have to sacrifice detrimental habits and behaviors in order to formalize or improve a relationship, or sacrifice the comfort of having a partner. This may be a time when you are vulnerable to participating in a crime or an underhanded approach to achieving something. Perhaps the sacrifice you could make in this case is to forgive a debt owed to you.

Perhaps reflect on those who have passed on in your life and consider what they would have wanted you to do in their memory, or what they would have wanted for you. Honor their wishes in some way. With Pluto in the mix, this may be an especially spooky and profound episode in your life at this time. With a Capricorn stellium the final dispositor is Saturn. Each zodiacal sign can be expressed though characteristic occupations. For example, planetary emphasis in Aries such as Sun in Aries or several planets in this sign or a prominent placement of natal Mars may be expressed through any occupation allowing individuality, initiative, energy, and assertiveness, or expression of physical strength and agility.

Planetary emphasis in Taurus suggests pragmatic, down-to-earth occupations, such as accounting, banking and finance, farming, architecture, lucrative business enterprises, or interest in biology, ecology, the physical environment. With planetary emphasis in Gemini we seek variety and stimulation, and prefer occupations emphasizing language, information, communication, typing, writing, speech, linguistics.

Planetary emphasis in Cancer shows interest in real estate and property, work related to families, or caring, nurturing occupations, including cooking, counseling, massage, working in hotels and restaurants, providing hospitality, or emotional presence and empathy. Leo emphasis suggests work involving creativity, self-expression, children, play, acting, dance, and performance.

Virgo emphasis may indicate careers involving healthcare, medicine, nutrition, meticulous attention to detail, analysis, classification, systematizing, diagnosis—any highly technical, skilled occupation. Libra emphasis may indicate interests in music or the visual arts, fashion, design, decorating, marriage counseling, mediation, or diplomacy. Another woman with Sun-Venus in Libra is a cosmetologist who enjoys talking to her clients about their relationships and marriages. Scorpio emphasis may indicate interest in occupations involving research, investigation, psychology, chemistry, surgery, dentistry, plumbing, or involving mysteries, sex, trauma, or death.

Sagittarius emphasis often indicates careers involving teaching and education, publishing, law, travel, international matters, journalism, philosophy, religion, preaching or teaching, promotion, advertising, or foreign trade. A woman with Sun-Venus-Mars in Sagittarius traveled around the world in her twenties on a quest for enlightenment, and now works in educational publishing.

Professor Noam Chomsky has Sun-Mercury-Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius, an apt symbol for this towering intellectual genius. Capricorn denotes striving for achievement, authority, and security. Planetary emphasis here suggests ambition and interest in positions involving management, responsibility, and authority, and affording status, reputation, respect, recognition, and prestige. Planetary emphasis in Aquarius denotes interest in science, technology, invention, humanitarian causes, unions, social activism, group activity, and promoting progressive values. Aquarius emphasis can also indicate interests in media, radio and TV, electronics, computer science.

Pisces emphasis may indicate a focus on spirituality, mysticism, and human services, or water-related careers. Pisces careers might involve faith, trust, compassion, altruism, service, hospital work, welfare agencies, psychic abilities, volunteering, or nonprofit organizations. I once met a championship swimmer with natal Sun-Mars conjunct in Pisces. Mercury: good language and communication skills.

Jupiter: expansion through education, planning, goal setting, and taking advantage of moments of opportunity. Mars: energy, drive, initiative, motivation. Venus: having good people skills, dressing well, and exhibiting tact, diplomacy, and social appropriateness. Of all the planets, I consider the natal Sun the most powerful element in vocational astrology. Kristine, a woman with Sun-Mercury-Venus-Neptune conjunct in Scorpio on the Ascendant, is a former model Venus , and now a spiritual artist and educator who makes a strong impression through her colorful and expensive wardrobe.

She has spent a lot of money on facials, plastic surgery, and body sculpting. To her, image is everything Venus conjunct Ascendant. The Leo focus on dedication to children was part of his calling. Also, he made creative use of resources. He spent big money to construct an elaborate display at the Burning Man festival. He does this job to make good money Jupiter in Taurus. Fred asked me if he should quit his job, which bored him, to pursue his writing. I responded that his job allowed him to live comfortably to pursue his writing. Sometimes we need to be practical and find a viable way of sustaining ourselves financially so that we can pursue our true calling.

Una and Raul, recent immigrants from another country, called to consult with me. Her father is a very controlling patriarch Pluto in 4 th. This is an occupation requiring great Virgo precision and attention to detail. At the time of consultation, transiting Saturn is conjunct her Ascendant. She needs to face the reality and limits of their situation, be patient, slowly save money, and make the best of their current small dwelling Saturn in Cancer , which at least is safe and quiet, she said.

During her upcoming Saturn return in Cancer, perhaps she and Raul can fulfill their hopes of buying a house, possibly with some financial help from her family. He has the drive needed to get ahead in the competitive field of entertainment. Jim has to bear the tension of the fact that he needs to hold various day jobs waiter, taxi driver, night security guard , none of them glamorous, but necessary for his survival.

I began her consultation by asking if children were central in her life. Gwen replied that she has three children, and six stepchildren! Indeed, kids are the center of her life. More on Tula later. Her day job is as an auditor and investigator Pluto for a large health insurance company Virgo. This is the house of training and apprenticeship.

Our vocational path may be shaped by partnerships, friendships, or marriages.

Rahu in Libra in Vedic Astrology (All about Libra Rahu zodiac sign)

More on Ed later. His wife loved the money he earned, and he felt that his calling was to provide all the comfort and luxuries she desired, as well as to provide for the security of his children Saturn in Leo. In —3 Dave had progressed Sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini. Dave got in on the ground floor of a major internet software company and made a fortune on company stock. Management of trusts, estates, or other shared funds can be a focal point of vocational activity. She manages the funds of others on a large scale. He never finished his graduate work or any of the writing he started years ago.

Chris has squandered energy on fruitless endeavors, impractical dreams, and illusions. Ann works in the sex industry, as a dominatrix. Her daily life is full of sensuous and aggressive exchanges. But Ann has other aspirations. This made it hard for her to endure the pressure, competition, and frequent disappointments of auditions. She felt she should be chosen for roles without having to audition, because of her past work and reputation.

Her talent naturally drew attention from the public. She won auditions for several excellent theatrical roles. Sue is a highly paid administrative secretary at a large corporation, serving upper management. She has a very visible position, and is a well-known figure at her company.