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I was in the centre of the 6. I wish there were some practical way of helping you from such a distance. My heart goes out to you and my thoughts are with you all. Andrew Holder, UK. We are at our building in morning 8. We have lost many of our friends and relatives.

But one miracle happened - one person had their Cell phone with him and he call from under debris and said " I am living please save me. Mars infotech team, India. I have a message for Ajay, India, who is criticising Indian government. Even God help those who help themselves. No city in the world could be prepared for such calamity.

Karan Oberoi Rape Case Takes a New Turn - Victim Of The Case Arrested

Instead of pleading the west, try to help govt in rehabilitation work. Amit Jain, Canada. We experienced the earthquake on Friday I was in college at that time we were asked to go outside. We all Pakistanis are deeply shocked on the disaster which took place in India on Friday.

We all share their sorrow.. Zahr, Pakistan. The whole country stands with Gujarat. Lets all pray that no more causalities occur. Please, instead of criticising the country for its inadequacy in relief measures let us all do something which can help the remaining people in Gujarat to lead a normal life. Donate freely to International Red Cross or Gujarat relief fund and other organisations. Balamourougan, Canada. Waiting for news about relatives has been very agonising. Finally I heard from a friend who says that Madhapur near Bhuj is ok - some damage but no known casualties.

Hope this helps. God Bless. J Shivji, USA. After witnessing the catastrophe first hand I am in a complete daze. Only one thing keeps ringing in my mind. Avinash Solanki, Ahmedabad, India.

We couldn't find the page..

I am trying to reach my uncle and aunt in Ahmedabad: Prof. If anyone has any information please email me at lparekh hotmail.

There is a fund set up to go out very shortly from the Ahmadiyya mosque in Los Angeles for the earthquake victims. If you're in need of help or know of any such cases please contact the mosque at If someone knows the whereabouts of Mr John Lane, possibly in Bangladesh , please let us know. Our email address is oneangel yahoo. Pilar, Peru.

My friends and I have all looked through the pages and pages of devastation that has been caused as a result of the earthquake! We are from a small town near the state of Ahmedabad but we live in England. We just thought that despite all of the help and effort we have put towards the earthquakes needy that there could be some people that would require some help emotionally so we are here to help, contact us at pattelly zoom. My thoughts go out to those who have lost their loved ones Jaina, Britain. To Declan Ring and others who want to volunteer their services: you can register at www. Delhi, India.

Only 2 weeks ago I was in Bhuj with my friends, a very special and emblematic family with the spirit, intelligence, commitment and sense of humour of Gujarati people. Beena Shantilal Rathoo, the brightest law student I've ever met, definitely to become the future advocate for women in Gujarat and her father a committed labour lawyer.

Actor arrested for molesting astrologer | Mumbai News - Times of India

Where are you? What happened to all the wonderful people in Bhuj? I am immensely sad but I do not lose hope. I will pray for you. I love you. Irma Santi, Italy. Java, USA. We are trying to find out if a Carmelite Sister living in Baroda in the state of Gujarat is OK, as well as the rest of her sisters.

Her name is Sr. Nicholine, and her Carmelite nunnery is located in Baroda on Makarupura Rd. Please email me with any news of Sr. God bless you all who are struggling through the earthquake ordeal, and those of you who are aiding the survivors. Crystal A. Williams, USA. I have been searching all day to find information on how I can get over to India to help with the disaster.

I have been phoning charities all day to get someone to give me some info. Whoever reads this please help me I am a Buddhist so I hope you understand the severity of my concern. If it was my family whose lives had been taken or destroyed I would want the armies of the world to come and help yet still little is being done. Declan Ring, England.

Please send me any information on Mr A. Wazir and family. His son's name is Salim Wazir. Here are the details A. Wazir and his family Plot No. You will receive all the previous information archived which is definitely help you finding kith and kin. Some Phone numbers that may be of help to those looking for information: District Collector's Office: Ahmedabad , , Baroda Surat Rajkot Bhavnagar Jamnagar Bhuj Police Control Rooms: HQ: Other Control Rooms: Ahmedabad , Police Commisioner Office: Ahmedabad Baroda Surat Rajkot All the best, luck, hope and courage.

PS: I'm located in Delhi, if that helps or at farhadvania hotmail. I have created a web site to link missing family members and friends with people who are in Gujarat and who can help. I hope it goes a small way in trying to build links between people. Please access the message board and post any help you can at the following URL. Thank you. I have relatives in Ahmedabad. They are safe and I can get in touch with them. If you need some assistance getting in touch with your loved ones in Ahmedabad or nearby I will do my best to find out about them.

You can contact me at raj puc. Elango Rajagopal, USA. My thoughts go to all those affected. But family friends live in Ahmedabad: Noshir and Zenobya, Karkari, also their son Khaizad and his wife and baby son. Does anyone have any information about our friends, or about the fate of the building? I've tried to e-mail Noshir but had no response as yet. If anyone has any information, please email me on: ccathnett clara. Cath Hartnett, UK. I am a management guy into software exports. The trauma that earthquake and the aftershocks have brought to this region is terrible, people whose life has been saved are still not ready to go back inside their house after five days of the quake.

The problem is all relief provided by the government and people is mostly going to big cities, which were struck, but, nobody is there to take care of the villages that are also struck. We are group of young businessmen of Rajkot trying to provide help to this villages. If anybody needs any information mail me on sanghavinischal hotmail. Yasmin, there is no news of any major damage to the Borsalli Appartment at Khanpur.

If you might have not been able to contact your relatives , the reason might be that they might have shifted to some safer places , as most of the multi-storeyed buildings in Ahmedabad have been vacated. If you have any phone numbers or numbers of your relatives over here, you may send it to me so that I can know more about it are revert you with the exact position of your family. C, India. A friend of mine has just returned from Bhuj and said that Judy is OK as she was in Sumraser when the quake happened. E-mail me on Jackie.

Needham drake-scull. I also spent much time in Bhuj and would ask any Gujarati rotarians to please email me with information about Bhuj Rotary Club members - in particular Mohan Shah and family whose son should have married today God Bless you all and keep you strong and resilient. Jackie Needham, England. The Government of India and Embassy of India continue to receive a number of offers for contributions to the earthquake relief activities in Gujarat, India. Those who wish to make voluntary contributions may do so by sending cheques in dollars or rupees to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.

Biren Shah, India. The General Hospital has gone down and is adding big time to the existing probs. The airport destruction has not affected medical supplies, the military is very active and its infrastructure is in use. The phone lines are down. However, got a phone number to call to inquire. It is in Gandhinagar to Set by Govt. The condition is really bad in Bhuj itself.

Figures from news sources but confirmed by talking to people in India. Many people spent their nights on the street God please help us all. God bless you.

Punit, USA. Two organisations that are accepting donations online - they need your help! If anyone knows of any freight forwarding companies that have spare capacity and are willing to take some of these items from any location in England preferably London to Mumbai Bombay or Bhuj then please contact me on and I will pass your details onto to the relevant parties and they will arrange everything.

Vasant Bhojani, UK. Those of you with relatives there may want to try calling again. Patel, USA. We have had news from Madhapar, there has been hardly any damage there and as far as we know no casualties. The old part of Madhapar has had some damage but nothing serious. Nitesh, UK. Latest news on Madhapur-Bhuj, India. Buildings were cracked and such but no harm done to the people in Navavas. Our ultimate goal is to make your wedding as memorable as possible that we do by offering you unrivaled wedding planning services. Now, your dream wedding will not be a dream anymore!.

From here you can go everywhere! Get Free Quotation. About Author Shaadidukaan Shaadidukaan provides state-of-the-art wedding ideas, effective wedding planning advices that help couples to plan their wedding in an unruffled way. Speak Your Mind:. Shaadidukaan Team July 02, It's not confirmed right now, according to news they will marry in December at Isha Ambani's home.

You can find Wedding Planners here. Share your own wedding to feature on Shaadidukaan. Get more wedding ideas in your inbox. Service Details:. Did not get the OTP? Resend OTP. Isha Rikhi is an Indian model and a film actress. She is a popular actress in Punjabi films. According to various sources, Isha was born on September 9th in the year in Chandigarh. She finished her graduation from Punjab University, Chandigarh.

Raja Chaudhary’s endless controversies

She also has a brother and a sister. Mani Rikhi is her brother and Reema Rikhi is her sister. This movie was released in where Isha was in the lead along with Sippy Gill and the movie went on to become a hit.